Copenhagen can in many cases be the perfect springboard to the world when you want to go out on a longer trip. From there namely plenty of options of vacation destinations in all price ranges, as most airlines have flights from Copenhagen. Many Danes live however well from Copenhagen, so they must often take a local plane or train to get to the airport.

If you bring your own car, then there’s the cost of airport parking any bridge toll and fuel on top of the trip, which also need to think about when planning your trip. A popular alternative is, however, taking the car down past the German border, since many choose traveling from Hamburg, there’s only located less than two hours south of the border, so this city is closer than Copenhagen for many people.


Benefits of Choosing Hamburg

Hamburg’s North German capital, so the city is the center of both train and air travel to anywhere in the world. Many flights can be cheaper from Hamburg than Copenhagen, and many also with a driving holiday in Germany get extra out of the trip. Jutes and fynboere both save 2 pcs. storebæltsbroafgifter, and often you can also find many flights cheaper from Hamburg. Moreover, one can take a few days holiday in Germany, whilst you are on the edges, as Germany can be very charming and provide many experiences and entertainment. Finally, you can combine the trip with a shopping trip; after all teeming with bargains in the many border shops along the Danish-German border, so there are overall many reasons to plan his travels from Hamburg.


Options for holiday in Hamburg

It’s both fast, easy and convenient to take to Hamburg for many people, as you can either take a road trip through Germany, or you can travel by air worldwide. Many of the major airlines which Spies has plenty of cheap flights from Hamburg to the world . In addition there are many holiday packages and promotions, so you’ll often find flight with the hotel for a few thousand kr., And therefore many choose to take the train, bus or car to Hamburg, so the journey continues from here. One can for example rent a cottage near Hamburg, which is handy if you take the car to do so.

So, one can also take a ride out into the German countryside and visit the many sights that could be a delightful beach on the Baltic Sea, hotel vacation in the Harz region or a city break in Hamburg or Berlin. Germany can offer lots of mountains, landscapes, valleys, castles, wine districts, family parks (Hansa Park and Heide Park) and beer halls (beer lounge). In big cities you can visit the tempting stores, wonderful cafés, avant-garde boutiques, historic sites and charming markets. In the last few months, many German cities focused on decorating with charming Christmas markets, ideal family fun with Christmas decorations, Christmas hearts, evocative alleys with sparkling Christmas lights and Christmas experiences with charming foreign flavor.